In the beginning... Easter felt animal Kits. Which came first, the bilby or the chicken?!

Easter is closer than we may realise.
Especially when you're a hand-crafter and 
enjoy making gifts to celebrate the day. 

This is how my patterns and kits first came into being.
I created a chicken family, duck family and rabbit family, 
felt animal patterns for a workshop. 
So that the students could come along and create soft dolls for their loved ones.

The chicken family were particularly popular,
so I began to offer the PDF pattern online. 

...And now here I am, a few years later, after many requests,
releasing a kit as an alternative option, in time for Easter!

The Chicken family felt animal kit contains everything needed to make 
a mama hen and two little chicks - except scissors and a needle. 

Inside you will find  the templates and instructions - as well as ideas on 
how to take the original pattern further to create a whole farmyard of chooks!
There is also best quality: wool felt pieces, cotton embroidery thread 
and wool fleece stuffing, included in the kit.
Now, I LOVE chickens!
Yes I really do :)
But there is another creature who steals my heart at Easter time.
An animal that is native to Australia and has been celebrated here
in place of the rabbit for many years now.
Every Aussie reading this will know -
(& I already gave it away in my title)
it's the Bilby!  
Bilby image source 
"Bilbies are desert-dwelling marsupials, endemic to Australia.
With their long ears & similar size, they can resemble a rabbit at first glance. 
They both dig burrows and share the same food sources too. 
However, Bilbies numbers are declining despite conservation efforts.
Australians have affectionately adopted the native Bilby as 
our Easter icon due to these similarities 
and to create an awareness of our endangered species."
Well, I just had to design my own Easter Bilby, didn't I?
They're now just over two years old.
And now I've created a felt animal kit for the bilby too. 
Hooray! :)

Again, you'll find all you need inside the bilby kit, to
  craft / DIY / make-your-own felt animal softie, - except scissors and a needle.
And with the included pattern, you could make a whole burrow full
of cute bilbies!

As with all of my kits, patterns and templates - 
I encourage you to enjoy the process
Get a little creative and tweak the pattern to your own skills and liking. 
Whether you like the idea of receiving all you need to 
make your own Hinterland Mama felt animal soft dolls, 
or you will create other gifts this Easter, my friendly advice is to -
Get started now.

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